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Skytanking Ovenon Aviation Fuelling Company has a proven track record in demonstrating a full understanding of the requirements and responsibilities in maintaining aviation fuel systems, with a focus on safety, quality, cost control, inventory management and a clear emphasis on environmental compliance, legal compliance and responsibility. We measure performance based on key performance indicators, quality, safety, accuracy, and professionalism.

Skytanking Ovenon provides our customers with safe, qualified, efficient, independent into-plane fuelling services. Our expertise, experience and knowledge in this specialist field also support our clients in the design, construction and commissioning of aviation fuelling facilities and related structures.

Whether you are a new airport looking for a turnkey solution to your aviation fuel needs or whether you are an oil company or an airline that wants to re-develop or outsource your jet fuel facilities, Skytanking Ovenon has a solution tailored to your specific needs.

Skytanking Ovenon has established head offices in İstanbul – Turkey. However, through our international partner Skytanking GmbH., we do receive global expertise in regards operational standarts, engineering and design.

Skytanking Ovenon providing a wide range of fuelling services to fuel companies at 19 airports in Turkey. Skytanking Ovenon handles over 2 million cbm of jet fuel and fuelling 300.000 aircraft per year.

We specialise in funding, building and operating all parts of the on and off airport jet fuel supply chain:

  • Into-Plane fuelling
  • Maintenance and operations of fuel systems
  • Storage facilities
  • Fuel hydrant systems

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Aviation fuelling at its best.

Skytanking provides a full range of aviation fuelling services including into-plane fuelling, aviation fuel storage and hydrant management, investment in aviation fuel facilities at airports and engineering. Its customers are airlines, airports, and oil companies. The company currently handles 24.7 million cbm of aviation fuel per year, refuels 2 million aircraft – which is equivalent to four fuellings per minute – and has operations at 83 airports in 14 countries in Europe, Asia, America and Africa.

Skytanking employed around 2,400 people in 2019.

Skytanking Volumes Handled (Million cbm)
Volumes handled (million cbm)

Skytanking does not sell jet-fuel. Our core focus is on providing expert support to oil companies and other suppliers, airlines and airports worldwide in all aspects of aviation fuelling; financial, commercial, engineering and operational.