Skytanking Ovenon Aviation Fuelling Company operates to the highest industry standards on Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE). Our policies and procedures have been developed in accordance with both Joint Inspection Group (JIG) Guidelines for Aviation Fuel Quality Control & Operating Procedures, Local and Legal Requirements.

Airports and the fuel businesses each have plenty of potential dangers for employees, public and environment. Therefore, Skytanking Ovenon knows that handling aviation fuel at airports requires extra special care. At all our locations we operate with Skytanking Ovenon’s HSSE policy. All Skytanking Ovenon’s managers are required to implement this policy via a detailed, location-specific HSSE management system.

We provide rigorous awareness training programs, operational training programs and HSSE training programs, which have been developed by Skytanking Ovenon to ensure that our employees always conduct in a safe, secure and environmentally conscious manner.